Battery Storage Capacity.

EDF to invest $8 billion in battery storage capacity.

Battery storage capacity.

Battery storage capacity.

Industrial photographers in Renewable Energy battery storage.

Photography of people in industrial location. Commercial, Advertising Photography.

Next time you complain about no charge on your mobile phone just think what happens if there was no electicity left to switch on the TV, lights or your computer. 

Think of the electricty demand peak events such as commercial breaks in the X factor finals or the forthcoming royal wedding, those peak demands on generation planning require many assets to be brought on line just at the right moment, those assets needing to be running at full power before switching in the generators to produce the electricity.

To be able to draw down at a milliseconds notice enough electricity to bridge the gap between demand and generation means generation resources can be used more efficiently, and store power produced by renewable sources.

EDF have announced an $8 billion (£7 billion) investment over the next 2 decades in battery storage capacity, having already commissioned and brought online a 49MW facility they are continuing to move towards reduced carbon eneregy production.  

Photography in a £1.13bn investment Biotech industry.

The UK's biotech industry according to the UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) saw investment of £1.13bn last year, positioning the UK as moving towards being the world's third largest biotech centre for life sciences.

UK Biotech research for life sciences.

UK Biotech research for life sciences.

The UK Bioscience sector along with Switzerland represents over 55% of the European total venture capital investments. Driven by the demand worldwide from aging populations there is a great demand for improved healthcare and drug therapies to combat age related illness' and conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's.

Lifesciences research and drug development.

Lifesciences research and drug development.

 It's good to hear that the biotech industry see's the UK in a very robust position going forward despite the uncertainties of Brexit, but compared to investments across the world- America Boston-£1.6bn and San Francisco-£1.5bn there is no place to complacent.

It is important that the Universities and Biotech companies make sure that the UK is an attractive place to study, research and invest not just for home grown talent but those from across the world wanting to be at the center of academic learning and commercial development.    

Photographers Portfolios

Are we still in love with print?

portfolios photographers industrial

Here in the UK a new daily newspaper has just been launched, with strong photography and editorial that is not weighted to one political point of view, is print still important with everyone digesting news and images from digital smart devices.

Judging by the copies of the Metro stuffed down the side of seats and blowing down the aisles of railway and tube trains it seems that we still have a desire to absorb a wide gamut of information,opinion,photographs and who did what to whom outside the Queen's Return...oh and footballers..they need a who supplement to themselves, all in ink on paper.

Spend a little time with a print specifier in an agency, just the mention of a vegetable based pigment ink will have you locked into the merits of 350gsm bleached rag with satin spot laminate with every third separator page having a different die cut corner.

We spend a lot of our time looking at photography on a screen, my own industrial photographers web site is the 'go too' if I'm talking about my images, I have tried the 'ipad' presentation and found that although you can keep location photography and architectural photograph ever shot it is treated as just another screen that gets me home late.

So are we still in love with print or is it something more, I have rebuilt my old print portfolio-filling it with only 20 or so delicious luxurious thick prints that shows the best industrial photographers work I have done, and the big change when presenting this to advertising agencies,designers and corporate clients is the conversation. 

Just the sensory pleasure of touching and seeing a rich colour photograph changes the whole mood of the meeting, it's almost as if they value that you have taken the time to make these colour and black and white photographs, present them in a quality portfolio that has been edited just for them. It says a lot about how you work as an industrial photographer.

So are we still in love with print, I like my 'i' toys but I cherish my print portfolio. 

Chris Henderson is an Industrial Photographer based in the UK shooting creative imagery for commercial,design,editorial and corporate clients.   



Photographers Network Rail PTS AC / DCCR

Railway photographers with PTS AC / DCCR, UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Railway Infrastructure upgrade photographers PTS.

Railway Infrastructure upgrade photographers PTS.

Railway photographers PTS Corporate Annual Report.

Railway photographers PTS Corporate Annual Report.

Railway Forth Bridge world heritage site.

UK Railway Photographer PTS.

Location photography in the railway environment has it's own and often very unique challenges.

How you work is very much dictated by the environment the photographs are to be taken, open lines, 25Kva overhead OLE, 650v-750v third rail on the ground or 4th rail on London Underground.

Each of these railway infrastructures require specific training and assessed competencies to work on them, but it doesn't end there, there is a whole safe system of work to be set-up prior to getting near the track-a chain of process that should allow everyone to perform their jobs safely and go home after every shift.

Large railway planned infrastructure upgrades and maintenance work involving large moving machines and plant create a railway photographers environment to be a constantly changing landscape of moving hazards.

Railway photography whether it's in the UK, UAE, Australia or any major investment worldwide brings together a group of professional workers that are passionate about the industry they work in, difficult-challenging-pressurised it's an industry the polarises opinions about investment and government policy.

For a PTS Photographer there are many great locations to shoot railway images, although it must be said I am more interested in the modern process/project/people rather than old historic steam trains..but having said that they are pretty fantastic on full steam.

Lastly..a big thank you to all the COSS's and safety escorts that have looked out for me..and carrying the odd photographic camera bag.

Construction Photographer. UK CSCS Card.

Construction Phase Photographer with CSCS Card.

In the organised chaos of a busy construction site getting photographers with CSCS cards to make visual sense can be a challenge.

If you look there can be beautiful order to the composition of building sites and architectural structure photographs. Personally I always look for spaces of quiet order in my work, I like to have a tidy mind-a place for everything and everything has a place and organising the chaos into photography images with visual structure and order.

There are many compositional rules that photographers and artists employ..the rule of thirds for example, not putting the center of focus right bang in the middle, using devices to draw the eye around the image, but creative image making is more than just rules. It should be about 'how does it feel?' 'does it look right?' after all there are many exceptions to 'the rules'.

I'm not sure if composition can be taught, after all I'm sure I could compose a tune-all the right notes but just in the wrong order, and photography is the same, just putting the elements in the frame is sometimes not enough..they need to be ordered to make a hit.