Mechanical & Engineering Photography.

Construction Industry Photographers.

Construction electrical engineering.

Find a very small space, fill with pipes heat exchangers, valves & pumps add an engineer, client, lighting equipment..and a photographer, then photograph.

Shooting M&E can be a challenge, photography in very small spaces is not just trying to ‘get everything in’ but to show an image that has clarity and some sense of depth.

Photographing the services that keep buildings working is either done during construction phase or as part of a re-fit or upgrade, either way job one on the list when getting to a location is the ‘tidy up’. I will often ask for the location to be tidied last thing day before the gives the airborne dust time to settle and clear, brushing the floors when you are setting for the shoot just fills the air making for less contrast in the image..fills the camera and lenses..and me.

Getting a viewpoint can be a challenge, often there will be only one view that works or is the only place you can set the camera. Then adding lighting, using a technique of mixing both flash and light painting illumination can be used to highlight and add contrast and separation to each of the elements in the photograph.

Lens selection is also a consideration, not just a case of picking the widest shortest focal length but considering how the perspective can be made less extreme by image stiching with a slightly longer focal length lens.

Long summer days industrial photography.

Long summer days mean late nights.

Industrial photography.

Industrial photography.

Long summer days can be productive if you need sunshine and skies..but for dusk and night photography the days only mean very late finishes and early starts.

Getting just the right balance of darkening sky and the working lights influencing the scene can be a short window of opportunity.  The 'Golden hour'..and 'Blue hour' are often used to describe the changing light from day to night. Getting just the right time to get a night sky and yet still have enought light to contrast the structure against the sky to retain it's shape and form but still dark enough to let the working lights on the building or structure to create the magical pools of light is more an art of observation than science. 

Spring and Autumn are often a great time for dramatic skies full of colour as the low sun helps the high level clouds to 'catch fire'  but not everyone has time to wait for just the right sunset/sunrise so in the meanwhile it's sleep depravation time.

Oil and Gas Photographers

Oil and Gas Photographers.

Oil refinery photography

Oil refinery photography

Working in an explosive environment, I do like to have structure and order in my adds to a visual composition that adds clarity to a photo - using people as scale and points of colour to draw the viewer into the photo.

Sometimes in complicated environments where there is a lot going on visually adding carefully positioned people into the image can add a controlled 'quite' moment in the chaos to help the viewer see and understand the context of the whole environment.

Oil and gas and energy photographers international industrial photographers.

Oil and gas and energy photographers international industrial photographers.

I was asked to describe my work recently and came to the opinion that my 'style' is 'classic industrial' so far as it's a style of imagery that shows the thing being photographed as recognisable and using it's own form to create a visual image that tells the story. 

Safety is paramount, all my camera and lighting kit is battery powered..and to the best of my knowledge there are no usable to the image quality and versatility required intrinsically safe housings for the camera and variety of lenses. So under permit working it's always a 'hot works' permit on the basis of there could be a source of ignition from the camera or battery with everyone wearing a gas detector to monitor the changing conditions… the regular 'chirp' of the detector always ever present.  

Battery Storage Capacity.

EDF to invest $8 billion in battery storage capacity.

Battery storage capacity.

Battery storage capacity.

Industrial photographers in Renewable Energy battery storage.

Photography of people in industrial location. Commercial, Advertising Photography.

Next time you complain about no charge on your mobile phone just think what happens if there was no electicity left to switch on the TV, lights or your computer. 

Think of the electricty demand peak events such as commercial breaks in the X factor finals or the forthcoming royal wedding, those peak demands on generation planning require many assets to be brought on line just at the right moment, those assets needing to be running at full power before switching in the generators to produce the electricity.

To be able to draw down at a milliseconds notice enough electricity to bridge the gap between demand and generation means generation resources can be used more efficiently, and store power produced by renewable sources.

EDF have announced an $8 billion (£7 billion) investment over the next 2 decades in battery storage capacity, having already commissioned and brought online a 49MW facility they are continuing to move towards reduced carbon eneregy production.  

Photoshop light leaks, cool tones and atmospheres.

Using photography blurs, light leaks, colour tone in Photoshop retouching to create atmosphere in location photography. 

Working to a brand's visual language.

Working to a brand's visual language.

Creating the image can just be the start of getting the photography to the client or designer, many international companies have over time developed their brand standards or visual language on how they want to show their business.

Although much can be done in post production, shooting the original content with the purpose of using post production photoshop adjustments will formulate the approach and compositions the photographer is aiming for.

The creative photoshop work is about creating a mood or feeling, working within a tonal or colour palette and engaging the viewer into the conversation. Using tone, colour and areas of light leaks and selective focus the photographer can draw the viewer into the parts of the image is the message.

Using creative post production techniques and photoshop to create the final image or library of images helps to identify your image style - making your media more quickly your images a personality that reflects your business' values and culture. 

It's the whole package - the creation of the original photography on location working with post production Photoshop and Lightroom production techniques.  

The human context of industrial photography.

The human context of industrial photography.

Creative photoshop retouching for creative atmosphere in the workplace. Annual Report Photography.

Creative photoshop retouching for creative atmosphere in the workplace. Annual Report Photography.


Motion content for web sites.

The desire to have endless video's, drone footage, interviews etc.with the view to keep visitors at your web site longer means that you need to be creating new content to feed the your web site and social media feeds.

Content that attracts the eye and holds you at that page for just a little longer means creating a stream of videos to share, you could keep creating great content at a cost or produce poor content just because 'we need to have moving content' on our web site.

What about all the still images of your people and projects, are they just now for printed brochures and newsletters or will they doomed to be buried on a hard drive and archived never to be seen again. 

Suitable images can be 're-animated' as Cinegraphs, still images rendered to create the illusion of motion. It's more than just 'rostrum' zoom and pan, it takes selections from within the image and ands motion.

Construction Progress Photography

Construction Progress Photography

progress photography construction

Industrial Photographer.

It's cold and the days are's all good news for photographers.

Cold often means clearing skies and short days gets us those 'night' shots of buildings and structures whilst everyone is still at work, so the lights are on inside buildings and there is still plenty of activity out on site.

Images shot at dusk can add an extra dimension to 'progress photography'-often as a contractual element included in the construction procurement process, progress photography is often seen as just a visual record of the construction phase. But think of it as a potential resource for marketing/reporting collateral the photography can really add visual captivation or message about your business. 

Construction and development sites can be pretty dynamic places for location photography anywhere in the world..warm or cold.

construction photography



Photography Magazine Feature.

Magazine Photographer.

Click on image to read magazine.

Click on image to read magazine.

Interesting to see my work featured in a photography magazine, F2 Cameracraft magazine approached me (and 3 other leading photographers) about featuring my industrial photography work.

I had written a piece for Linked In, it was more of a review of where my career has gone and where it started, the editorial was written by way of a little soul searching-looking at how thirty years+ as a professional industrial photographer has panned out from what I thought it would be. 

The piece was read by the editor and I was invited to contribute, industrial photography is an area that many hobbyist photographers would have difficulty accessing due the locations and risks involved in working in sometimes difficult, crowded and dangerous environments without a good reason to be there.

I hope if nothing else the readership like the pictures and the small insight into my career path, at least they spelt my name correctly on the front cover. 

Click on the images to read.  

Photography v Corporate Reporting.

Corporate storytelling.

The landscape for corporate websites and annual reports has changed over recent years. There has been a fundamental shift in how reports show their message and photography images.

 OLD:  ''Investors-$$ incomes-Profits''                                                                                      

NEW: ''Social engagement-$$ wealth creation-Sustainable ethical growth''

The 'language' of visual content has changed also, the size, type and even the amount of photography in annual, corporate and CSR reports changes not only with current design trends but also with the economic climate.

Investor publications used to show the aspirational end users, if you 'dug dirt' it was not uncommon to see 'our beautiful alloys' photographed wrapped around an executive jet with 'beautiful people' exiting into an expensive car en-route to the marina for drinks on the yacht. The trend shifted then to technologies and once we all had the computing power of an Apollo in our pocket..what next. 

It wasn't long before everyone realised that the consumers were also employees-then 'stakeholders' in our companies, they had families, children, utility bills, vet fees etc worried about clean safe water, airborne particulates, plastic waste in the sea's and what type of grass the chickens laid their eggs on this morning. 

Photography image content changed as our world and values changed, more pictures of our empowered people less of the billion $$ machines, more schools and less highways.

During times of financial distress and challenging trading conditions -read:things cost more and your pension is worth nothing now- annual reports-presentations etc change the visual language. We see design moving to, more visual graphics-less photography-even no photography, almost as if they were trying to hide that business is a struggle at the moment, things are 'bit tight' so we need to reduce our the way that's you..we wish you good luck in your next job.

I think what I am eventually coming to is that some of the more successful communications at least in my mind visually just say:

'this is us-this is what we do-these are our people doing it'

It's honest, true, believable. The photography should reflect that message, even when the market reports say 'sell' and confidence to divest assets is low, good annual, csr, presentation communications use great imagery to engage with their audience, it's a face to face warm welcoming handshake..afterall you don't dump your best mate because he's lost his job. 

Written in relation to industrials, minerals, construction, infrastructure business.