Skills Shortage - why we need #Apprenticeships.

The importance of apprentices and apprenticeship schemes to future economic success. #naw19 #naw

#naw National Apprentice Week. #naw19

#naw National Apprentice Week. #naw19

As an industrial photographer I travel and get to photograph many different locations, on many construction, engineering, manufacturing and workplaces the content I shoot shows a skilled workforce engaged in all types of tasks. Getting the image that delivers the story..people - skills - investment - safety can be a challange at times.

I review my photography and website regularly and critically, and one thing is apparent, the age of the ‘models’ in the images.

Often a business will have lined up thier best and brightest for the photoshoot, a wealth of knowledge about the work in hand and an experienced eye on the safety issues and making sure we are photographing content that shows best practice.

Most of the ‘models’ I see have a few years under thier belts..which is great for images as it shows experience, knowledge and integrity through their facial expressions..and a few road miles adds a little character.

HOWEVER..where are all the young faces..the ‘young un’ ‘junior’ ‘the lad’ ‘the lass’ ‘bag carrier’ ‘tea maker’..or in photography land ‘voice activated light stand’…OK the terms are probibly non PC, but I’m sure you get the drift.

wc March 4th, 2019 is National Apprentice Week, it cannot be stated enough that the future workforce is going to pay for all us old’s a point of view..but importantly we (business community) have a massive skills shortage. Paricularly in the engineering, costruction and manufacturing turn those jobs securing finance, adminstration, material supply, energy, transport, research..the list is endless.

I know there are many will think that the investment they make in starting an apprentice scheme is just training a skilled workforce to leave and go somewhere else, NO NO NO, it’s bigger than that, OK they leave..but when you advertise for experienced welders, turners, electricians etc..where do you think they are going to come from.

You might loose a few..but you will gain..may be from someone else’s scheme..perhapes someone who will bring with them new learning, a different way to improve your business.

The big picture is the skills shortage, those business that are making a choice to run apprenticship schemes are investing in their future success and growth.

As an industrial photographer I am looking forward to seeing the average age of the people in my photographs start to there someone ypung to carry this heavy bag.