Construction Photography

Airline hold roulette

Photographers problems.

photography hard cases

Wheels are good..especially if you work mostly on your own and are 'experienced' 

Shooting overseas is a pain..I love the travel and the photography but hate taking lights,stands and tripods etc on aircraft. Lets call it 'hold roulette', will the kit get damaged? To mitigate the risk I have hard cases (with wheels!) they are good for protection but bad for weight, will the kit get lost or stolen..spin the wheel!!!

The camera's, lenses, macbook etc I carry on-too valuable to lose or replace quickly on location. I have toyed with 'renting' locally the lighting but it's costly, the locations are always very far away from the rental store and it can mean leaving it to someone local to sort the receiving/return logistics (I'm a control freak) and just for a couple of heads, stands and softbox light shapers.

So we continue to play 'airline hold roulette'..maybe I need to hire some 'younger' legs to carry stuff from now on.

There are many case manufacturers but I use the ones from Trifibre  as they are great value.


Construction Photographer. UK CSCS Card.

Construction Phase Photographer with CSCS Card.

In the organised chaos of a busy construction site getting photographers with CSCS cards to make visual sense can be a challenge.

If you look there can be beautiful order to the composition of building sites and architectural structure photographs. Personally I always look for spaces of quiet order in my work, I like to have a tidy mind-a place for everything and everything has a place and organising the chaos into photography images with visual structure and order.

There are many compositional rules that photographers and artists employ..the rule of thirds for example, not putting the center of focus right bang in the middle, using devices to draw the eye around the image, but creative image making is more than just rules. It should be about 'how does it feel?' 'does it look right?' after all there are many exceptions to 'the rules'.

I'm not sure if composition can be taught, after all I'm sure I could compose a tune-all the right notes but just in the wrong order, and photography is the same, just putting the elements in the frame is sometimes not enough..they need to be ordered to make a hit.