Water industry photography.

Photographers annual report photography.

Annual Report photography for the Regulated Water Industry.

Annual Report photography for the Regulated Water Industry.

Setting the right tone, getting the message to your shareholders annual report photography.

Every client has a different way that they like to have their photography show the way they are seen by their own industry, but how the photography is shot can also advertise their business communications to stakeholders and investors.

Sometimes editorial style photography works better, it can be 'looser' and more 'real' giving the feeling of the moment, great for people photography content. Other times the message of investment through plant and machinery photography show physical financial investment.

My own photographic style is a bit of both, I like to create, light, set up location photography. Its perhaps a little more in the traditional industrial photography style in so far as it has a higher technical standard to the image creation, but also incorporate people photography into the location.

Getting the tone just right-making the people look empowered, engaged and professional is key to telling the editorial story whilst creating a good technical image.