How can you think of a photo at a time like this?

A bit 'off topic' for an industrial photographer, but here goes...

A couple of weeks ago after a short period of ill health I said goodbye for the last time to our loved family dog, Ted - a black Labrador retriever gave our family 10 years of joy, love, unfaltering friendliness to all visitors to our home...wether they liked it or not. He was always there for to good times and the not so good times in our lives, in fact as in any family there is always times when someone is if you excuse the pun 'the dog house' he was always the constant 'best friend' to go too for a hug..and a lick.

Anyone who has a pet that is a member of the family will appreciate just how much they are loved and when we have to choose to end their suffering it's a hard choice and difficult thing to contemplate, and yes I know it's 'for the best' 'think of their quality of life' 'it's the kindness thing' is not really a comfort at the time.

So...I took some pictures of the 'fella' a couple of hours before he went to sleep for the last time, perhaps it was my way of dealing with what we were about to do.

Was it the for a short time I could be distracted from the grief and sadness of the inevitable by switching into 'pro' mode or was it trying to 'keep' those last moments forever..knowing that in a short time I would never be able to revisit this subject ever again, or wanting to honour him in my own way by keeping a moment of his life forever.

Do not misunderstand's about circumstance and if Ted was distressed or needed something  it would have always taken precedence, all I will say about his condition was that he was not in pain..his mind was strong but his body was failing him..I just find myself questioning what made me think to pick up a camera-choose a specific lens and compose an image.

Black Labrador retriever. Image copyright - Chris Henderson Photographer 

Black Labrador retriever. Image copyright - Chris Henderson Photographer 

Goodbye 'big lad', you went to sleep wagging your've left a big space in our family, our home and our hearts.