Bringing the Power Ashore.

UK Photographers

Planetary Stranding Machine, UK.

Building high capacity power cables to bring ashore green electricity produced by vast offshore wind farms requires some pretty amazing machines to construct a cable that is both long lasting, efficient and durable to be buried under the ocean for up to 50 years.

These cables are constructed in a continuous process, any joint or termination in a cable is seen as a potential failure point, and the expense and resources involved in making repairs is vast.

A planetary stranding machine starts with the middle first and builds up the layers of transmission cable, insulation, protection and reinforcement strands by slowly turning every 'strand and wire' around the central core like a big spinning wheel making thread..only this thread can carry 66Kva!

The shot above is illuminated using Elinchrom Hybrid Quadra's, lighting the entire machine along its length and underneath, with a shorter exposure for the ambient light.