Photographers Network Rail PTS AC / DCCR

Railway photographers with PTS AC / DCCR, UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Railway Infrastructure upgrade photographers PTS.

Railway Infrastructure upgrade photographers PTS.

Railway photographers PTS Corporate Annual Report.

Railway photographers PTS Corporate Annual Report.

Railway Forth Bridge world heritage site.

UK Railway Photographer PTS.

Location photography in the railway environment has it's own and often very unique challenges.

How you work is very much dictated by the environment the photographs are to be taken, open lines, 25Kva overhead OLE, 650v-750v third rail on the ground or 4th rail on London Underground.

Each of these railway infrastructures require specific training and assessed competencies to work on them, but it doesn't end there, there is a whole safe system of work to be set-up prior to getting near the track-a chain of process that should allow everyone to perform their jobs safely and go home after every shift.

Large railway planned infrastructure upgrades and maintenance work involving large moving machines and plant create a railway photographers environment to be a constantly changing landscape of moving hazards.

Railway photography whether it's in the UK, UAE, Australia or any major investment worldwide brings together a group of professional workers that are passionate about the industry they work in, difficult-challenging-pressurised it's an industry the polarises opinions about investment and government policy.

For a PTS Photographer there are many great locations to shoot railway images, although it must be said I am more interested in the modern process/project/people rather than old historic steam trains..but having said that they are pretty fantastic on full steam.

Lastly..a big thank you to all the COSS's and safety escorts that have looked out for me..and carrying the odd photographic camera bag.