Old industrial photographs-why do we like them?

People Photographer.

Industrial portrait photography.

It's a little crazy really, we spend $$$$ (££££) on expensive high quality digital camera bodies, select lenses that will resolve every last pixel then make the image look aged, blurry and imperfect.

Is it that the imperfections are what makes use view an image in such a way that we are drawn to the true character or subject that is familiar, a form or person we can instantly recognise or are we just fascinated with the past. We look at old photographs as the capture of a moment past-not too old to be ancient history-but old enough to be a time past.

Perhaps we take comfort in what has been and view what is to come as something to be challenged, perhaps the way to make a real connection with a photo is for them not to be super sharp high clarity recordings but a little imperfect..like the rest of the world.