My site work boots are comfortable but well worn - my passport photograph is terrible!

For 30 years has been shooting industrial, construction and engineering images..wouldn't do anything else!

UK based, undertakes assignments worldwide.

Commissioned by companies, international PLC’s and design agencies.

Creates image library content of people, process and corporate story editorial.

With an image style of considered composition and clarity of message, Chris’ work fits seamlessly into design briefs and corporate storytelling.

Especially like shoots in warm places during the UK winter, I fly economy...but will graciously accept a free upgrade.

Can work independently to create image content and project manage shoot schedules, works well with collaborative creative direction, and shooting to design briefs.

 Always happy to discuss speculative and collaborative projects.

An uncomplicated photographer creating images in complicated environments.


Current  safety certifications:

Offshore: BOSIET   BOSIET + CA-EBS   MIST  Medical   Norwegian Sector.

RUK/GWO WAH & Rescue Wind Turbines, GWO Sea Survival, RUK MST Vessel Transit & Transfer.

CSCS Operative + Working at Height.

Network Rail PTS AC / DCCR (lapsed) LUL Underground (Lapsed)

Client Commissions:

Boskalis ADPC-Abu Dhabi                                               Red Marine
Fujifilm DB                                                                         Dyer Engineering Solutions
SSE PLC                                                                             ING Bank NV
Tata Steel NL/UK                                                             Puma Sports  
Kier Construction                                                              VBMS                                                           
Westminster Boskalis Ltd                                                  EDF Renewables  
Amey PLC                                   
Balfour Beatty-Rail
Balfour Beatty-USL             
South Staffs Water PLC
On Site Central Services Ltd
Grundfos DK                       
Rosenqvist Rail AB
Pandrol Rail Ltd                       
Smit International
Miller Groundbreaking       
Heerema Marine Contractors
Sartorius Stedim Biotech    
Institute for Ageing,Health and Vitality
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Alstom Power                     
Drager Medical
Maranello Concessionaires


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Chris Henderson Industrial and Corporate Photographer. UK Europe UAE USA